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Hands are to Eyes What Sounds are to Ears
Breaking The Barriers
Breaking down the communication barriers
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Welcome to India Signing Hands

Utilizing Technology + Sign Language to Build "Accessibility" for the Deaf


By maintaining the awareness, our main objective is to eradicate the false stereotypes about the deaf and to draw the Governments' attention to their demands for equal opportunities.


One of the biggest barriers for the deaf is their limited access to communication and information, cutting them off from important resources. We are in the process of developing solutions to this problem.


With available resources, ISH gives support to the deaf organizations to further enable them to give valuable services for the deaf community.

Our Successful Projects - Accessibility Solutions

ISH News Logo

Daily News & Entertainment

Daily news updates, humours, and entertainments conveyed in Indian Sign Language (ISL) along with voiceover and closed-captioning.

News18 India - Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat

News18 India, one of the most popular Hindi News TV channels’ in India, has partnered with ISH News to carry out the Indian Sign Language (ISL) interpretation of News18 India news bulletins.

ISH News App for JIO Set-Top-Box

ISH News App is now available on JIO's Set-Top-Boxes where Deaf individuals stand to benefit from our 100% accessible videos via TVs.

ISL Interpretation of Ads

We make any Advertisement videos accessible to the Deaf Community by providing Picture-In-Picture interpretations.

Promotion of the Brands

We produce different Ads videos narrated in Indian Sign Language performed by Deaf + CODA Actors/Actresses.

Live ISL Interpretation

We offer LIVE ISL Interpretation virtually in conferences, workshops as well as Live News.

Colors TV - Shakti

We released a total of five episodes of "Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki" with ISL interpretations which received 2.5+ crore views.

Inspirations in ISL

Inspiring videos, songs, advice, etc. by reputed celebrities and professionals interpreted and brought to life in Indian Sign language.

Unboxing the Brands

Fun unboxing videos & creative social media content to promote the use of your brand / products / services to our followers & subscribers.

Our Services for the Deaf

We offer a wide range of valuable resources to empower and support India’s deaf community.



We, at ISH, believe and promote social inclusion of the persons with disabilities by utilizing the current technology to ensure proper accessibility.


Public Awareness

Via the deaf associations, we maintain nationwide awareness on deafness by conducting peaceful rallies, workshops and national conferences.



Via consultancy, we guide and empower the deaf individuals and deaf NGOs with proper advice, networking and basic support.

Support for NGOs

Support for NGOs

We give our support and sponsorship to certain deaf NGOs that are worthy in making a positive change for the deaf community in India.